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About Career Counsellor

We, at Career Counsellor, follow a scientific and standardized process to evaluate a client’s aptitude and personality. These processes help us to obtain the most important information about a client’s behaviour, emotional strength, interests and skills. With the received information we facilitate on what kind of careers would be suitable for them. These are the most important from the point of view of a parent and child, since most of the times, parents do not have that kind of knowledge.

Career Counsellor aims to provide the following services:

● Career Assessment Portal/Aptitude test.
● Extensive analysis across various career paths.
● Dedicated assessments from all skill levels.
● Personal/group/academic counselling
● Counselling for students/college graduates/working professionals.
● Assessment/Analysis/Guidance with a back-up plan.

The website www.vidhyacareercounsellor.com provides integrated counselling to shape up a career in synchronization with personality thereby contributing to make this world a better place. Our experts will assess your aptitude, personality, interests and other aspects. With the help of Univariety, they will suggest the best career options from all the available and relevant options in a creative yet informative manner.

About Vidhya KrishnaKumar

Vidhya KrishnaKumar is an independent thinker with high achievement orientation, whose roles have evolved through proven abilities, team building and persistent high performance. She strongly believes in creating one’s future through efficient and determined decisions. She maintained a thorough interest in academics right since her childhood, with an inclination to guide those deserving on the right path. She has completed a Bachelor of Commerce (B. Com) and Post-Graduation Diploma in Computer Application (PGDCA) from a renowned university. She holds a certification in Global Career Counselling from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA Extension) and a Career Counselling Certification by Global Career Counsellor Univariety, Singapore.

Vidhya has evolved an ability to work independently and as part of a team, with excellent communication skills and problem resolving abilities, this is what makes her different from others. Being a career counsellor, she has guided many students on the right path to get into their dream college as well as career. While attending her counselling sessions, she first develops a therapeutic relationship by using Aptitude Test and Personality Test. She believes, there should be unwavering faith in whatever you do, and then put all your efforts into it. Fear of adversity and failure is natural, but success comes only to those who overcome that fear.

By continuing to provide advanced education and implementing innovative methodologies and learning approaches, she believes, she will continue to produce pioneers in all the fields to serve the cause of humanity in general.